dN/dS ratios

The following file contains the dN/dS ratios used in the portal. It contains multiple CSV files, one for each species. Please see the included README.txt file for more information.

Download dN/dS ratios file

This file contains mappings between bowhead genes/proteins and putative homologs in other species. Identified initially with BLAST with further homologs in human, mouse and cow performed using the OPTIC pipeline.

Download homologs file
miRNA data

The following file contains the miRNA data used in the portal.

Download miRNA data file
GFF Annotations File

GFF file containing annotations

Download GFF annotations file
FASTA files

FASTA files with scaffolds, genes and proteins are provided.

Download genes file
Download proteins file
Download scaffolds file
BLAST database

Due to the limited power of this server for large BLAST queries you can download the database as a ZIP file.

Please consult with the NCBI documentation on how to use these files.

Download file
Transcriptome contigs

Two transcriptomes from specimens from Alaska and Greenland are provided in FASTA format compressed as a ZIP file. Please be aware that these are large files.

Download transcriptome file (Alaska)
Download transcriptome file (Greenland)
Raw reads

Data are available at the NCBI BioProject PRJNA194091 with raw sequencing reads in the Sequence Read Archive (SRP050351). The mitochondrial genome of the bowhead whale was previously sequenced by others and is also available at the NCBI.